Sequestration when properly applied is an important, modern and productive instrument for the levy of debt and of execution on real estate. It is not just an alternative to other types of execution, but on occasions offers the only possible solution.

A professionally managed sequestration carried out in a fixed time period (e.g. 3 months) can give an overview of the current conditions, both financial and physical, of the real estate. Compared to insolvency in a sequestration there are just the procedures that are necessary for sustainment, management or restructuring of real estate. You have to calculate exactly the range of costs: Just render accounts against/for the creditor and debtor.

Therefore the often distracting factors of many creditors – who act on their own interests in insolvency procedures – can take a back seat. At anytime the controlling creditor can halt the
sequestration by simply withdrawing the formal application.

We represent ourselves as Business facilitators in the real estate market: We focus our dealings on the principles of efficient and economical work. Our modern reporting methods are naturally part of the normal service we offer.

Despite our experience we are not omniscient and practice to extend our knowledge in every case. We directly include your knowhow and your expertise, knowledge and experience with the courts as well as qualified third persons in every stage of the procedure. In a majority of cases we exceed the expected outcome and wishes
of our clients.