Insolvency management

Positive insolvency management is a necessary requirement for a successful working economy: insolvency law is practically a mirror for the economy.


Basic conditions, rules and laws outsite insolvency law regulations should anticipate economic and possible banking crises and prevent these. Because this does not work all the time it is possible, often necessary, to use legal measure to solve these problems, e.g. insolvency law(Insolvenzordnung). This is valid not only for big companies but also forsmaller businesses and the “usual” debitor.


We are focusing on smaller businesses, real estate during insolvency and consumers. Our insolvency department is built on three pillars:

  -Public Trustee in consumer insolvency procedures

  -Insolvency management

  -the out of court settlement of insolvency vulnerable assets


With a new approach and positive focus, a substantial improvement in any situation can be achieved. My qualified team and I can answer your questitions and take care of your insolvency issues/problems.


As the specialist for real estate and its sale or the purchase through an auction we offer the opportunity for consultations on any topic.