Welcome to the website of the law firm Dr. Hasselblatt

Experienced and highly qualified advisor for the levy of real estate writs of execution, Exploitation of real estate assets, foreclosure, sequestration and insolvency law.

The law firm of Dr. Hasselblatt was founded in 1997 and operates nationwide in Germany. Its two main locations are Berlin and Magdeburg in Saxony-Anhalt. 


My team of experts and Dr. Hasselblatt can advise you through your most challenging problems of real estate and asset management. 


Our field of activities includes providing support and advises for capital investors handling non-performing
loans involving out of court settlements and negotiations. We also advise clients in the utilization of securities (asset back securities). We represent a number of banks, insurance companies and investors in court and advise them on the utilization and implementation of writs of execution and foreclosure of real estate assets. 


In the field of bank and capital market law we control negotiations between borrower and lender, through a structured process, leading to the optimal results for both parties involved. 


We support different credit institutions insofar as securities of cancelled loans which have to be given into
liquidation. This is based on our experiences on the fields of general enforcement (insolvency), levy of real estate writs of execution (foreclosure or sequestration) and the disposal by private agreement. 


The solutions we can offer you, always take into account to varying individual circumstances and determining
conditions in every case. 


Dr. Hasselblatt has over 15 years experience as an active insolvency administrator and sequester.